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Product Testing

"...Constant in depth testing guarantees that cost and time are monitored and kept at a minimum throughout the development stages, enabling us to produce better engineered solutions..."

Our tests cover areas such as:

  • Electrical testing for functionality, voltage drop, temperature fluctuations, antenna reach.
  • We can also produce prototype harness builds for preliminary analysis.
  • Durability testing covering: product function endurance, product battery life testing and thermal high and low temperature stability.
  • Environmental testing covering: vibration testing, dust resistance and areas of corrosion testing
  • Material Testing for component fatigue, scratching, abrasion and compression.

We also have experience in utilising third parties during testing, working alongside establishments such as Mira when testing highly advanced products, ensuring innovative design and simulations techniques are applied to their greatest potential.

We also have affiliations with the SGS Group, utilising their services within design, construction and operation of automotive inspection solutions.