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NEW - Armour Auto are pleased to announce the arrival of the Oxygen O-Car Headunit

18 March 2011
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"...expand your digital life..." 

and access the features of your iPhone in the car.


O-Car is a fully integrated head unit specifically designed and made for iPhone. Its patented technologies enable the user to control standard car stereo functions using the iPhone touch screen, while allowing horizontal and vertical access, so that the iPhone applications may be used in the car.

Listen to your entire iTunes music catalogue or a make a handsfree phone call. O-Car also allows you to access your favourite iPhone apps in the car including internet radio. GPS, GoogleMaps and many more...

The O-Car built in RDS tuner ensures that you can still listen to your favourite local radio stations and its 4 x 55W amp links to all of your cars speakers to guarantee perfect quality sound whilst also charging the iPod.

For more information please contact Armour Auto on: +44(0)1420 487110 or email: