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Engineering & Design

"...Engineering & Design - from initial concept through to production Armour Automotive employ the most advanced design, simulation and development tools and techniques..."

We have the design facilities and industrial tools to guarantee that original ideas reflect the clients requirements.

Our computer aided design capabilities allow us to develop detailed 3D models and 2D drawings of physical components, converting concepts into visuals.

This ensures our clients obtain a quality designed product that will meet the demands of its proposed use and marketplace. Our dedicated technical team is made up of skilled design engineers with vast experience in a variety of automotive markets, ensuring all systems are professionally and safely integrated in the knowledge that all automotive practices have been followed.

Through constant commitment to projects our in house capacity ensure that first-rate techniques are used throughout the design process. We strive to produce innovative solutions that not only operate alongside the vehicles current OEM design but aim to enhance the vehicles overall appeal and desirability.